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This page is here to give you a few tips, tricks, and explanations of the features on this website.

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If you are having troubles viewing our books or have questions about formatting, please check out the pictures below as they provide explanations and viewing options.

When viewing our books, please be aware that they include pictures and therefore will need ample time to load.

Please find a list of frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.




Sound Bar

The Sound Bar

You will find these sound bars on many of our pages. They often are introductions to the books or short stories for the respective page you are on, or audio explanations of Real West Chronicles. Just click play and listen away!

Zoom Buttons

Zoom Buttons

Use these to zoom in or out on the article you are reading. Best used to get a better look at a picture not to increase font size. Using this to increase the font size will make navigation through the book difficult.


Index Button

The Index Button

This will open the chapters and pages for the article that you are viewing.

Index Opened

Index Opened

Click any of the options from this menu to be taken directly to your selected section in the book.


Settings Button

The Settings Button

This will open several viewing options that will be explained in the next few photos.

Layout Buttons

Layout Mode - Viewing Options

Page Flipping: Pages turn when the click wheel is pushed. Best for desktop  and tablet viewing.

Horizontal Scroll: Best for mobile viewing. This will enable you to view the book full screen one page at a time. 

Vertical Scroll: Works like the horizontal scroll, but moves from bottom to top instead of right to left.



Full Width Option

This option is best used on a mobile device combined with one of the scrolling modes. Book will then show full screen, one page at a time. Increases font size. See next section for example.

Full Screen Mobile View
Full Width Option
Mobile Screenshot


Scrolling Option Mobile Screenshot
Page Flipping Option
Mobile Screenshot



New Window

Open in New Window

Mostly used for desktop viewers. Books are opened automatically in a new window on mobile devices.

Enter Fullscreen

Enter Fullscreen

Content shows up much larger. Good to use if you need the font size increased.


Scroll Bar

Scroll Bar

Use this to navigate through the book quickly.




Frequently Asked Questions


The words in my e-book are running together. How can I fix this?

Regardless if you are viewing on a mobile device or desktop, please try switching browsers.


What is your cancellation policy?

Please click HERE to review our cancellation policy.