The Real West

For well over a century, readers and enthusiasts from around the world have been fascinated by the history and culture of the great American West. People are naturally drawn into a great western story. Above all, we believe most readers want a great western story to be authentic; based in actual characters and events.

Sadly, the true culture and lifestyle of the West has been greatly distorted and manipulated over the years by Hollywood, western writers, and novelists. As we begin Real West Chronicles, we intend to provide authentic content.

Why do we feel qualified? It’s very simple: We are born in the blood . . . . . . . we are the product of four and five generations of authentic western people who actually earned their living from the land when the West was young.

Our ancestors homesteaded land, cultivated and harvested crops, raised and sold livestock, and endured what the land threw at them. They raised their families in the high mountain valleys of Wyoming and Montana. We had the good fortune of being raised with the “old-timers” in our youth. They taught us well and their ways are ingrained upon our souls. We were raised on cow manure, blue skies, and sweat equity. We know this story because we have lived it.

Welcome to our stories.

Real West Chronicles

We are proud to bring you story samples...


Two Brothers with a Passion for Writing


Ranch raised during the golden years of agriculture in Montana, brothers Milton "Rawhide" and Bill "Badger" covered some rough ground in their youth. Drawing from the actual experiences only the REAL WEST could provide, these authentic cowboys have a wealth of actual, hands on experiences to draw from in creating their collection of writings.

From bronc rides and trail drives to mountain lion hunts and lawman tales, Rawhide and Badger are the genuine article. Prepare yourself to laugh, cry and sink your teeth into some riveting tales of high adventure all set in the imagination of your mind.

You have never experienced anything quite like it.



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